Costume Ideas & Trends: It’s Not Too Early To Start Thinking About Halloween

Costume Trends & IdeasThe days are starting to get shorter and it’s beginning to look a lot like fall which means Halloween is right around the corner. We have been doing some research and found some costume ideas that you will surely see out and about on Halloween this year. Since you probably do not want to break the bank with by buying a costume, we have included some Do-It-Yourself tips.  Halloween promises to be dark again.

Costume Ideas & Trends 2018

Black Panther

The main character from this year’s hit Marvel movie “Black Panther” surely will make an appearance on New Orleans’ streets on October 31.  Of course, several retailers are offering versions of the outfit, T’Challa, the heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda is wearing, online. They are starting at about  $25 and up. To cut down on the cost, you could just buy the mask and make T’Challa’s bodysuit yourself. All you need are black tights and a tight black shirt and then you can draw or spray paint the iconic blueish vibranium markings on the fabric yourself. Cut out little white felt triangles and glue them to black gloves for claws. You could also use white felt triangles to make his talon necklace or you can head over to your favorite bead shop to see what accessories they offer.


BatwomanRight now Batwoman is getting a small screen makeover. The latest TV series about the female superhero will hit TV screens next year. The series, starring Ruby Rose, is already creating some buzz which means there will be Batwomen on the streets come Halloween. Since the character has been around since the late 1950’s, you might still have an old costume somewhere hidden in your closet that would just need some updating. If not, again online retailers offer the costume between $20-$100. All you really need is a tight black suit, a broad red belt, of course the red cape and you could either get a bright red wig or dye your hair for the night. You could even fashion your own mask out of cardboard.


The video game with its boxy and somewhat pixelated characters was originally released in 2009 and has been gaining popularity ever since. That’s why many online retailers are selling various versions of the costume and its accessories. Prices vary starting at about $30. Making your own Minecraft costume could be a fun project. You’ll need cardboard boxes in different sizes and some paint. Cut holes for your arms on each side of the bigger box and use that as your “body”. Use another box as your head and you can even use longer boxes to cover your arms. Get several shades of blue or green or whichever character you like and start painting squares. Let’s just hope it does not rain on Halloween night.

Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman” dominated the box office last summer and the sequel, “Wonder Woman II” is scheduled to be released at the beginning of November next year. The beloved DC Comics superhero had her first appearance in All Star Comics in 1941 which means generations of women have been dressing up as Wonder Woman and the trend is still going strong.  If you do not have an old costume somewhere laying around there are plenty of online retailers of even thrift shops that will have version of the iconic outfit. Short, tight blue pants, a broad golden belt, a red cape and the magic golden lasso are Wonder Woman’s trademarks.  Alternatively, you could use blue gym tights, spray paint an old belt and a piece of rope golden (magic lasso) and re-purpose an old red Christmas  tablecloth to make your cape.

More costume ideas coming soon!

Where To Show Off Your Costumes

The Mortuary Haunted House

The city’s most popular self-guided, dark attraction… A NEW ORLEANS HALLOWEEN TRADITION! “It’s a Haunted House in a REAL Halloween Haunted House!” Since The Mortuary first opened its doors as a haunted attraction in 2007, it has been featured on the top ghost hunting shows including Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab, Syfi Channel’s Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunter’s International, The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and featured as one of America’s Scariest Attractions! It’s the perfect setting for a one-of-kind adrenaline pumping, nail-biting haunted house experience! The property is surrounded by actual graveyards known in New Orleans as “The Cities Of The Dead.” Now add to what is undoubtedly a very scary environment to begin with, state of the art animatronics, theatrical sets, movie quality makeup, over-the-top special effects, unusual themes and details adds up to experiencing one of the most terrifying Halloween haunts ever. It has been heralded as one of the top, most realistic, Hollywood style destination haunted attractions in the world, year after year! Every season, this innovative horror experience continues to draw tens of thousands of thrill seekers anxious to see what new fright-mares have been unleashed!

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Scout Island Scream Park

This year the idyllic Scout Island at City Park will offer several thrill themed zones starting with Cirque du Fear, a sort “circus freak show” which will of course feature scary clowns, the Blood Bayou Fright zone will test your nerves with scary skeleton pirates and at the Zombie Outbreak Battlefield you’ll get a chance to shoot zombies using laser technology. If that’s not enough , you can go on the Devil’s Swamp Tour, visit the Scream Factory or the Horseman’s Fright Zone.  After all that screaming you might want to relax and get something to drink at the Kraken Beer & Spirits Pirate Club. The project, which has been in the making for about two years,  is “something the city has not seen before,” says Jeff Borne owner of the Mortuary Haunted House. If you do not have nerves of steel, there are some scare free options during daylight hours including the Haunted Hayride or the Kids Zone.

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