Our Escape Rooms can help with corporate Team Building


A great team leader understands the strengths and weaknesses of each of their team members.

An effective leader must know what makes each team member tick, which buttons to push, and when to push them, understanding the unique talents each member brings to the situation. Effective leaders have the ability to coordinate each member’s areas of expertise, their skill set to solve difficult problems, and their creative ability to seek new solutions, in order to build effective teams and minimize conflict. Also effective leaders are able to critically evaluate their own performance in order to better lead their team.

Team building exercises have become favored by upper level management to gain insights into team dynamics.

When team members have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, their roles and responsibilities should overlap so that each team member is interdependent on each other, creating a cohesive unit. When prospective employees are placed on a short list to fill a position, they should not only be evaluated by their talents and expertise, but also for their potential to assimilate into the office culture and function as a valued team member.

Mystère Mansion’s uniquely themed Escape Rooms are well suited for your next corporate team building exercises.

Each team member has to work together seamlessly to find the riddles, solve the clues, and find the well-hidden keys to unlock the room to make their escape in under an hour. While they’re working on their great escape, leadership can monitor their progress through hidden cameras feeding video to an observatory room. Leadership can observe the communications between team members, their ability to think outside of the box to creatively arrive at solutions, and the levels at which each member is participating. Food and beverages can be arranged for your group to make it an encompassing experience. The results of the experience can be discussed informally over lunch as team leaders and members enjoy a meal together, enhancing the overall experience.

Mystere Mansion & Team Building

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You may be surprised at what you learn about your team!