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The Game Room


Are you up for a grand adventure in The Game Room?

We’ve traveled the world collecting a host of rare mystical artifacts. From the darkest parts of Africa to the farthest reaches of the Amazon, across the islands of the South Pacific, and to all four corners of the Earth… we have journeyed to find rare treasures for your pleasure.

To escape this room you must find the key and at the same time you must outwit Morto, the puppet Clue Master, by locating numerous clues and solving his riddles. You’ll find such rare artifacts as a Werewolf Anatomical Research Case, A 1800’s Vampire Hunting Kit, the remains from a Fiji Mermaid, just to name a few. Explore the room and discover its secrets to open the hidden escape door.

4-12 Players

The Game Room
Find the key to escape The Game Room