Do You Dare To Enter The Serial Killer’s Lair?

The well hidden room is located deep within the bowels of the Mansion’s basement. Keep in mind, that this building used to be an actual Mortuary.  You and your friends will be thrust into a “Jigsaw-like” serial killer lair. Here, you will be watched and tormented by an unknown stalker. Your group must avoid a series of traps set by him. You and your friends will have to solve his riddles and pass his tests to unlock the door and get to freedom. Otherwise, he will catch up to you in an hour. Before you enter into the room ask yourself: do you have what it takes to survive the unknown stalker?

What You Need To Know

You all will have to work together to make it out on time. Remember,  the clock is ticking and you only have 60 minutes to get to freedom. This room is rated “PG-14” which means it is very intense. It’s categorized as difficult and requires a rather high skill level. Four to 12 players can go on this nerve-wracking adventure. Book this room today:

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