Take Them On An Adventure This Fourth Of July

This Fourth of July weekend enjoy Family Fun Live Escape Games at the Mortuary and get $5 off.

Use Promo Code: ESCAPE5

Your family will be in town for the Holiday weekend. Why not take them on an adventure they won’t forget? Work together as a team. The Mystere Escape Rooms at the Mortuary Haunted Mansion offer fully interactive live  escape games. Find clues, solve riddles, decode ciphers and discover the secret passages to find the key to escape in only 60 minutes.

What Are Escape Games?

The Mystere Epic Escape Room experience at the world famous Mortuary Haunted Mansion is a fully interactive and immersive live escape game. You and your friends, family members, and colleagues are at the center of a thrilling mystery unlike anything you have ever done before. Test your wits and your grace under pressure. Think of the Mystere Escape Room as a play with super sleuthing, puzzle solving and mysteries. In ordinary theaters, the audience is seated while the action continuously unfolds on the stage in front of them. In this game it is a bit like going to a theater in the round with the stage that encompasses the entire theater and having the interactive action sporadically occur all around you. The best part is… YOU are the star. You don’t just sit back and watch the show, now you are part of it, 100%. You have 60 minutes to escape a room. Up to 12 participants will enter a room. The question is whether they can beat the clock? Find clues, decode riddles, and solve puzzles in order to unlock the escape door. Every Escape Room is unique and has a different theme and storyline behind it. You will randomly find our clues, in no particular order, so you must figure out how they go together to help you and your team escape the room.

It is the most intense hour you will ever experience. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock… Time flies as the clock winds down, the pressure mounts, and the adrenaline builds.

Tickets are available online right now:  https://escapethemansion.net/

For your group of 12 or more people, contact our Director of Marketing, Ben Hulin, by calling (985) 502-5874. Email Ben at [email protected]Inquire about our group discount for your next gathering.

Escape the ordinary!