There’s the Serial Killer’s Lair, the Game Room, the Embalming Room Zombie Escape, the Ghost Lab, and the Treasure Hunt. Of these five rooms, two are best suited for the younger escape artists: the Game Room and the Treasure Hunt. They’re both “G” rated and require a Medium skill level. Let’s explore these rooms!


In order for the kiddos to make an escape from this room, they’ll have to fake out Morto, the puppet Clue Master, by finding the clues that are treasures from far away exotic places and decipher Morto’s riddles. Once they have outwitted Morto, and find the key in under an hour, they can escape. Designed for a party of 4 to 12 players, the kiddos will have to work as a team to accomplish a strong finish by escaping. It’s a fun challenge for all ages. This is a great opportunity for a different family night experience!


The challenge in this room is to find the treasure map and follow the clues to find the treasure. Pirate Jean Lafitte’s treasure is among the treasures buried in Barataria Cove. His treasures are legendary, much like the pirate himself. Beware of any boobie traps the pirates may have built to guard their booty. Make it through in under an hour, and your party of 4 to 8 players will have bragging rights to outwitting the pirates, beating them at their own game. This is another great opportunity for a family night or for a challenging birthday party the kiddos will never forget! These young escape artists will have one of the most incredible experiences of their young lives.

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