Is getting your day-to-day routine getting you down? If you are looking for some excitement, we have just what you need. Visit our Embalming Room Zombie Escape. All you have to do is find the hidden key to escape. You have only 60 minutes to make it happen. You and your team have to outwit the Clue Master. Solve his various riddles, find his clues and finally unlock the door that lets you escape. Just keep calm and don’t let the rattling Zombie chains get to your nerves. Just know those chains will slowly be released little by little over the hour.

What You Need To Know

If a Zombie touches you, you’re dead! You have to sit out for the rest of the hour. You can participate verbally, but you can’t physically help your team. Your group of 12 players must solve the room before the time runs out and the zombie is unleashed.  This room is rated “PG-14” which means it is very intense. It’s categorized as difficult and requires a rather high skill level. Four to 12 players can go on this nerve-wracking adventure. Book this room today:

For your group of 12 or more people, contact our Director of Marketing, Ben Hulin, by calling (985) 502-5874. Email Ben at [email protected]Inquire about our group discount for your next gathering.

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