Bored With Easter Egg Hunts – How About A Pirate-Style Treasure Hunt?

It’s almost Easter, which means you will probably want to take your family to some sort of Easter Egg Hunt. Why not mix things up a little and surprise them with a pirate-style treasure hunt? You know they will love the adventure straight to Davy Jones’s Locker. They will get the chance to explore the caverns along Barataria Cove where pirates like Jean Lafitte sailed and buried their treasures. All you and your group need to do, is find the treasure map and follow the clues. Just remember, you and your crew must work together since you have only 60 minutes to solve all the riddles to make it out!

What You Need To Know

Remember the clock is ticking and you only have 60 minutes to make to find the key to get out! This room is rated “G” which means it is suitable for a general audience. It requires a medium skill level. Four to eight players can go on this adventure. Book the room today:

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