We Got Ghosts

Are you afraid of ghosts?  Visit our ghost lab – manage to escape or become a ghost yourself. The Ghost Lab is a paranormal complex specializing in the summoning, capture and containment of super natural entities. You and your team will get the chance to assist Ripley, an artificial intelligence to capture and hunt ghosts. Take the elevator to the Houdini Séance Chamber on the top floor. Mistakenly participate in summoning a Poltergeist around an enchanted table. You must uncover the clues, decipher riddles, and discover the hidden keys to enter the Lab. Next, you will hunt the spirit deeper into the unknown, capture it, and contain the evil in the Ectoplasmic Containment Uni! Then, escape the room before becoming ghosts yourselves! You will experience a thrill ride hunting ghosts, but remember the clock is ticking you and your team only have 60 minutes before becoming ghosts yourselves!

What You Need To Know

Your group of 12 players must solve the room before the time runs out and the zombie is unleashed.  This room is rated “PG-14” which means it is very intense. It’s categorized as difficult and requires a rather high skill level. Four to 12 players can go on this nerve-wracking adventure. Book this room today:  https://escapethemansion.net/book-now/.

For your group of 12 or more people, contact our Director of Marketing, Ben Hulin, by calling (985) 502-5874. Email Ben at [email protected]Inquire about our group discount for your next gathering.

Escape the ordinary!